Creating and Editing Contacts (video)

Video Overview

Create/Edit Contacts

You can view a contact's complete information from the Matter page of any matter to which the contact is attached: 

And you can move to edit mode from the contact's view page in the top-right corner.  Let's take a quick look at the information on this screen: 

1. Meta info: This let's you know at a glance who created the contact, the name of the primary contact, their primary type and any referral attached to the contact.

2. Contact notes: This will show up under the contact card on any matter page and can be edited from this view without entering the edit window.  This is useful for small facts or important info about a contact that you want to be connected with that contact wherever their information appears.  Maybe they have a nickname, or a 17lb Maine Coon named tiny, and you want to remember to bring it up in conversations.  

3. Personal info and details.  This is all pretty self explanatory: Name, vital details, business affiliations, and contact info.  Emails and Phone numbers can be dynamically added and any contact can have as many as needed.  You can indicate what a number or email is, and add any notes (don't use after 5pm for example).  You can add more than one address as well, and provide information to explain how to use that address. 

4. Associated matters.  Here you can see every matter a contact is related to, and whether the contact is primary, or simply a related contact.  We also plan to add the type of relationship to this column so you can further drill down on your data.  

In addition to the above, a simple checkbox let's you identify a contact as a "lead" which will let you filter to your active leads before you've brought a client on.  This can be useful for generating lists for marketing and follow up.