How to create a new Automation

To create a new Automation:

1. Click on Automation in the Customization tab from the Settings.


2. In the top right corner of the screen, click the Add Automaton button.


  1. Select a board type for which this automation should occur.

  2. Create the Trigger

    A trigger is an event that will initiate the workflow. Examples of triggers include the creation of a new client, matter, task, or lead, updating a matter, moving a matter or lead to a new stage, or activating a user.

  3. Set up the trigger that will initiate the workflow. Select one of the following trigger types.

  4. Define the Actions

    The next step is to define any actions or tasks that must be completed in the workflow. Examples of actions include sending an email, updating a task, creating a new task, or creating events to call clients or perform research.

    The Event options will display as shown below:


    A description of each action is listed below:

    Create a Task – The defined task will be added to the matter specified.
    Update a Task – You can update assignees or change the start and due dates to specific tasks related to a matter.
    Send Email – An email will be sent to a recipient you specify in the workflow. CC and BCC recipients can be added as well.
    Add Event – An event such as a meeting will be created and details including participants, date/time, and location can be added.

    By naming your new tasks as they are created, you can chain automations together to create powerful workflows that updates a series of tasks and steps to automate an entire process. Because automations can always be reopened and edited on the fly, you can improve your process as you learn what works and what doesn't.