How to schedule an event from a matter

The Event tab displays events scheduled on the Matter. Events can be used to document important meetings with clients and keep everyone at the firm up to date with new developments on the Matter.

To schedule an event from a matter:

1.Click on Add New on the top right-hand corner of the pop-up screen to add n event.

2. Click on Add Event in order to add an event. Dendri will show the Event details screen.

  1. Enter the Title of the event. This is a mandatory item, but you can change it to whatever you want.

  2. Enter the Start Time.

  3. Enter the End Time.

  4. Enter the Date.

  5. Enter the location of the event. If it’s a meeting you can paste the Zoom link here

  6. Enter the Description of the event. The Description box is a barebones WYSIWYG Text Editor. It is similar to your word processor (like MS Word) but has limited capabilities. There's a toolbar at the top that allows you to format the text as you type (or later). 

  7. Click on Add Label to give a new label to the event or pick from the existing labels.

  8. Click the Assigned Users tab to select the name of the participants in this event (meeting) from a list of existing users and contacts in your database.

  9. The Assigned Matter tab is by default the matter from which you created the event, but if you’re in the middle of creating the event and don’t want to close the tab and repeat again, just pick the appropriate matter from the dropdown menu.

  10. Click on Save to record the changes.