Billing FAQ

Dendri is a monthly subscription service that is billed per user. Our current pricing is always posted on our homepage, and existing users will continue to have use of the service at the pricing level at the time of sign up for at least 12 months after any pricing increase.

Dendri is billed as follows:

For a new account and the first user Dendri is billed for 2 subscriptions. So, as of June 17, 2022, Dendri is $15.00 per user. That means for single-user accounts, Dendri is $30.00 per month, and will display as a quantity of "two" on your receipt.

Any additional user added to your team is billed as an additional quantity of 1. So, a team of 2 users would be $45.00 per month, 3 users would be $60.00 a month and so on.

When am I billed?

All users are offered a 30-day trial before any payment is requested. You can view the date your trial will expire and the amount you will be billed if you sign up at

You can navigate here from the sidebar under Settings > Users & Subscription.

You can also elect to sign up early (we may ask new users to do this by agreement if we are offering onboarding or customization services).

What happens when I add or remove a user?

We don't currently prorate for partial months. However, any new users added during the current month will be added to your bill for the following month. Any users removed will be reflected in the quantity for the following month.

So, if you begin with two users using current pricing as an example ($45.00 per month) and add one additional user after the current month has been billed, your bill for the following month would be $75.00 a month, and then $60.00 in each additional month.

If you add a new user very close to the end of your month, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're pretty reasonable folks. We use as our third-party payment processor. There are some limitations, but we have broad ability to override those defaults and work with you on any solutions or problems.

Why do you charge "double" for the first user?

Glad you asked! There are two reasons we've designed our billing this way. First, it is simpler mechanically to add 1 to the quantity of our subscription than to set a different price for the first user. The reason it is more expensive is that most of our costs are flat for firms (provisioning the organization, granting unlimited storage, and access to all features) will be the same whether you have 1 or 100 users. In effect, it's not that the first user is more expensive, it's that it's proportionally more efficient for us to add additional users, and so they are less expensive.

Second, Dendri offers an optional feature to provision a single-tenant instance of Dendri for firms that value this. This comes at an expense as this means we are essentially dedicating a cloud server just to your firm. This also means that our internal development process creates a separate branch of our codebase just to service your firm. It gives you additional control of updates, customizations, but most importantly security. If you are a single-tenant customer, unlike most online applications, in the event of a data issue, a security breach, or any other issue that could impact Dendri, your instance is less likely to be impacted. The cost for this is based on the size of the firm and specific needs, but, the method by which we bill that expense is by increasing the "organization's" subscription to reflect the bespoke service.

If you're interested in learning more, or getting a quote for your firm, reach out.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time. You will not be billed after you cancel, but cancellations are generally immediate. We don't usually provide refunds for ordinary cancellations, but will discuss with you if there are any issues.

What forms of payment to you accept?

You can sign up using a credit card or paypal account. You can update your payment settings at any time from your Users & Subscription page.

What if my invoice isn't accurate?

This may occur if you have made a lot of changes to your registered users in a short time, close to a billing period. Please check the amount you were actually charged. If you need a new invoice generated for record-keeping or there are any other errors, we will correct.

Do you offer discounts for schools or Legal Services?

Very likely. Reach out with your situation and we'll try to help!

Do you charge for customizations?

Possibly. Dendri is founded by a practicing attorney, an experienced developer, and is built by a team of developers and dreamers across industries. A lot of our customization for firms may be performed by the founding attorney, particularly if you have already populated your organization with confidential client data. This allows the attorney to agree to be bound by your confidentiality requirements and to be guided by all attorney ethics rules. Depending on the complexity and involvement, we may offer you a proposal.

However, our goal is to get you set up and working with Dendri in a way that works for your firm. You using Dendri makes Dendri better, so, simpler templates, and walkthroughs to learn how to customize Dendri to your needs are not ordinarily billed.