Overview of Labels

Labels can be attached to any element in Dendri. This includes tasks, notes, documents, files, and calendar entries. Any history or board view can be filtered by labels, making them a useful way to quickly categorize types of information. Additionally, you can attach as many labels to an item as you need.

Creating Labels from Tasks

Labels can be created on the fly as you're working with tasks (or other items). In the bottom right of a task window, you can see any assigned labels, and choose from existing labels in the dropdown menu


If you don't see the label you want, you can create it from this window.


Adding a label will provide you with the opportunity to set a name, and a color:


For ease of use, popular colors are pre-populated, but you may use any color you like by entering the relevant hex code in the text area next to the colors.

All of this is great, and a quick way to add labels that can be re-used, but your selection of labels can get messy and end up with duplicates. That's why you can manage all of your of your labels in one place.

Label Customization

Navigate to Label Customization by Settings > Labels


From this screen you can add, or edit all of your labels.

The tags column will show you every task where a label is used. This is important in case you want to delete a label and don't want to negatively impact a task.

For example, here are all of the tasks associated with the label "Urgent" in our test account:


The main reason for this is to provide a way to identify whether a label is in use prior to deletion or modification. If you want to interact with all items associated with a label this can be done from the "master dashboard" The purpose here is to be a safety check before blowing up a critical label.