Registration and Login

More on user settings

Video Overview

Dendri is designed to be used by teams, but it works just fine for individual users.   When you first register, you'll be asked to name your organization.  This can be changed later in settings, but the organization is the basic unit of Dendri.  Your email will become the super administrator for your Dendri account.  All other users will be invited by you.  

Invite a New User

To invite a new user, simply click the "Invite New User" button on the users tab.   


You can add the user's name, email, password and role.

It is recommended that you choose an initial password that is secure, and share that with your teammate directly. They can update and change their password from their profile settings once they've logged in.

You can also filter users by name, title, email or company role, which is useful for larger organizations.  Title is customizable.  "Role," is based on internal Dendri permissions.   You can also resend the email invite and reset a user's password from here. 

Your user will receive a welcome email:


Note - if the user was previously logged in under another account, they may receive this error when clicking on the login link from the welcome email:

user-reg.jpgThis occurs when the user is already authenticated under a different org or had previously tried to register.

If this happens, ask your teammate to navigate directly to and to login with the email and password you set.

If a user previously tried to sign up, and in fact, registered for another organization by mistake, contact us directly and we'll be able to remove the extra account so you can add your team.

Owners can see subscription information in addition to being able to manage other users.  Otherwise there is no difference between managers and owners. 

Enforce Oauth with Google

After you have signed up with a name and password you can use google sign-in if you have a google account (other oauth providers are on our roadmap starting with office 365).  You can also disable passwords for your users to enforce login using google.   

This is useful if you use two-factor authentication through your gmail or google apps account.  In order to do this on a per-user basis, under settings, navigate to Users and Subscription and click on the edit tab for the user you'd like to enforce.  If the email address is not a gmail/google based email, this will not work.   If you're part of an Office 365 based team, reach out and let us know.