Wow, that’s a lot of stuff, how do I see less of it? You may be asking yourself.  There are two ways to manage the data on your dashboard or a matter.  First, if you just plain don’t want to see one of the elements you can hide it.


If you need to actually do something with your data, both the board and the history have their own separate filters.

Board Filters:

The Board filter is expandable above the board.  It lets you filter by Title or Description (search), assigned users, assigned teams, labels and subtask filtering (all tasks, hide subtasks, show only subtasks).  In addition you can sort by various date ranges.   Finally as mentioned when discussing the dashboard kanban you can reveal archived tasks to restore them or find a lost piece of work.   By default, archived tasks will not show when you search or filter unless this is toggled on. 

The board filter on a matter is identical except there is no archive function on a matter board.   The reason for this is any individual matter will have fewer tasks than a user's dashboard over time.  Additionally, moving tasks on a matter to "done" should be a more permanent record and something that everyone on the team can see. 

History Filters:

Most of the other filters in Dendri are set up as popups.  

As you can see, most of the same options are available, the main addition on the history view is "Type" 

This lets you filter only notes, or only documents, calendar entries, or if you just need a chronological list of your tasks, you can filter for just tasks and sort the table by due date.  Second, this filter design is toggleable and persistent to let you quickly move between filter settings.  You can set up a filter with any number of elements and toggle them on or off using the switches.  This way you can go back and forth between views (for example, medical records and memos) with just a button.  Depending on feedback we may move the board to this style, or move the other filters to the board's style.   Let us know which you prefer! 

Because Dendri doesn’t have separate tabs, or predesigned filters, this lets you break down the lengthy history lists quickly.  We may add “saved searches” in the future so you can get one-click access to your most needed filters but for now the filtering is robust and easy to use. 

Other Filters

Finally, Matters and Contacts offer a similar interface to let you chew through your data 

But they do not have toggles as most searches need to be done quickly and the extra step of toggling a search for a name on is unnecessary.  One idea we're playing with Dendri-wide is allowing custom columns for these tables.  If we turn that on, we'll likely surface those columns in our filters too, that way you can manage your client base by whatever criteria you need.  (Export to csv for these tables is on the roadmap, let us know how important it is!)