Board Types

Board Types are pre-defined sets of kanban columns that can be added to a matter in one click rather than adding individual columns.

These are important as having a defined board type is also used in automation.

From the Customization screen select "Board Types"

image.pngYou can add or edit a board type from the top right or by clicking on the edit icon next to an existing board type (edits to existing board types will not change or remove the columns on a matter that is already using the board type. This is necessary so tasks and existing automations are not impacted.


From the edit window, you can name your board type, add a description, and set the task statuses for the type. These can also be reordered.

Note, on any board: Inbox will always be the leftmost type and Done will always be the furthest to the right. These cannot be removed or altered as new tasks must come into the inbox column if assigned from elsewhere, and "Done" is used to trigger completion status and exists as a universal automation target.

How to add a board to a matter

From a matter, click on "edit matter" in the top right. From this screen, click on "task statuses"

image.pngThis will show you the currently active statuses on the matter board. Use the dropdown menu to select from your available board types.


This will give you a list of the statuses for that board. You must either check the individual statuses you'd like to add or select check all.

We provide this intermediate step in case you already have a duplicate status or do not need all of the statuses in a particular board type. Although if you have written automation based on a board type, not including a column with the name used in an automation may cause that automation to not perform as expected.

Once you click check all, the statuses will be added to your board in the pre-defined order. They can be re-arranged from the board view. You can also re-arrange added statuses from the edit matter screen by holding the six-dot icon and dragging.

As of 2/18/22 our roadmap includes letting users set a default board type for a specific matter type to eliminate this extra step. So, if for example, every time you have a probate case you know you'll use the same board, we'll allow for it to be defined in the matter type settings. We expect this to be live in the next few weeks. If you need this feature more urgently, please reach out to us directly as we may be able to set your matter type to populate with a board type manually prior to the launch of the customization feature.