How to add a new matter.

To add a new matter:

  1. Click on Matters in the left sidebar. Dendri displays the Matters screen.

  2. Click on the Add Matter button at the top right corner of your matters screen.

  1. Enter the Title of the matter. This is a mandatory item. Too often, it will be the same as the client's name, but you can change it to whatever you want.

  2. Select the Stage of the matter (such as Open, Closed, Pending, etc.). This is a mandatory item.

  3. Enter the name of the Client. Dendri will display a list of names from your Contacts List. Select the name you want if you can see it in the drop-down list. Otherwise, learn how to quickly add contacts to the list so they can show up on the dropdown list.

  4. Select or change the Managing Attorney for the matter. You can either select from the drop-down list. Otherwise, if it’s a new member, learn how to quickly add team members to Dendri so they can show up on the dropdown list.

  5. If this happens to be a synced matter from Clio, click the Clio Sync checkmark so you can recognize it at a glance. Learn how to sync matters from Clio.

  6. Select the Type of the matter (such as Immigration, Bankruptcy, Copyright, etc.). You can select the Matter Type from the drop-down list. Nevertheless, if this is a new type you’re taking on, learn how to add a matter type so it will show up on the dropdown list.  

  7. f required, select the Matter Statuses to which to add this matter. If you have a set pipeline of progress statuses for your matters you can add it as a board type so it populates automatically on the dropdown menu. This is a mandatory item and it can be customized later.

  8. Enter the Intake Date

  9. Enter the Onset Date (if any), 

  10. Enter the Closed Date, 

  11. Enter the Deadline Date (if any) for the matter.

  12. Click Add Contact to add the names of other people who are connected with the matter. 

  13. Specify Relationships to the matter. This could be the names of witnesses, opposing attorneys, billing contacts, or any other contact who is related to this matter. You can add these names for easy access or reference.

  14. Enter the Description of the matter. The Description box is a barebones WYSIWYG Text Editor. It is similar to your word processor (like MS Word) but has limited capabilities. There's a toolbar at the top that allows you to format the text as you type (or later). 

From left to right:

  • Make text bold.

  • Make text italics.

  • Make text underlined.

  • Display Emojis 😀

  • Insert an image

  • Add a hyperlink to the selected text.

  • Display the text in a special font.

  • Specify the font size

  • Apply text styles such as H1, H2, etc.

  • Start a numbered list.

  • Start a bulleted list.