Dashboard History View

The Dashboard History View

This will be discussed more when we get into the matter view, but the Dashboard History view is a filterable rich table of all of the things you interact with in Dendri.  This includes tasks, which are duplicated from the kanban board, notes (which can be phone messages, memos, or other non actionable information, all customizable in settings), documents, and calendar entries.  All items in Dendri share a few basic components.  They are all assignable to multiple users, and you can comment on any item with mentions to specific users. 

History items will appear in your personal history view if they are assigned to you or you have been mentioned in the comments.  

The personal history view will, further, let you filter to only view incoming items with new and unread comments.  This lets you use this as something of an inbox, to simply stay informed about things you need to know about, but don’t necessarily have to act on. 

Like tasks, all elements in the history view can be clicked to expand their data and interact directly from your dashboard. 

You cannot create a history item on your personal dashboard (if you think there’s a reason to, let us know and we’ll consider adding it).  Instead, the history view aggregates your items from all matters so you can view and filter any item you’re involved in. 

This has one more killer feature: export to csv.   Using this, you can create a filter for say, only calendar events with a specific label, and then export that list to a spreadsheet to create a list of upcoming appointments.