A Matter ir a project or a case.  Everything related to the matter is on this single screen.  Unlike other products that handle project or case management, Dendri is designed so that all of the work and information you need can be accessed from a single view.  

Like your dashboard, the matter screen is made up of three parts.  The second two are the Kanban board and history view, which mimic the matter (with the exception that you can create new items on the matter screen). All items in the matter are associated with the matter.

Because a Matter is essentially a shared workspace where all team members can see the same information it does not contain a task period journal in the header.  Instead, this space is used for information and actions often needed for the matter.

On the left is the client contact information.  This is for the primary contact related to the matter.  You can view the contact’s complete card by clicking view.

In the middle is an assignable case status.  These statuses can be customized by case type. We plan to also make these statuses a trigger for automations in the future.

This section also includes the primary deadline.  This may be the statute in litigation cases, but it may also be the appeal date or the project completion date (which could be assigned based on a change in status).  This date is automatically added to the firm calendar and so should not be used for things like client appointments or routine, unimportant deadlines.  Only one deadline - whatever deadline is associated here will be connected to a single matter on the company calendar. 

This middle block also contains a list of all “related” contact, which could include defense attorneys, vendors, family members, referral sources and more.  You can add new related sources from this space, and these related contacts can be used immediately when generating documents from templates. 

Finally to the right is a simple notepad.  Text does not need to be saved and can be added or deleted freely by any user.  It is an infinitely scrolling text box, and so new notes, information, bits of research or other pieces of information the office should know about can simply be added here as the case progresses.  By default, whatever was added most recently will be in focus.  This is useful for team notices and also when taking quick notes while working on a project.

Above the header you have the ability to edit and view the matter, see the activity log, and add new elements to the file.