How to add a new matter type.

To add a new matter type:

  1. Click on Settings in the left sidebar. Dendri displays the Customization dropdown.

  2. Click on Matter Types from the Customization dropdown

  3. Click on the Add Matter button at the top right corner of your screen 


  1. Enter the Name of the matter type

  2. If it’s a sub-type of a parent matter, click and specify the Parent Matter

Dendri displays the Matter types screen.

  1. Matter Fields are customizable data fields that will show up in the matter dashboard. So, any case-specific information that you might need when you open a file, or when you're working with the case, you would set up as a custom field.

Note: One of the amazing functionalities that come with Dendri is Customs Fields functionality that gives law firm users a leeway to do as much customization as they want. 

See docs for more information on custom fields.

  1. Second, you can build out your Matter Questionnaire. This shows up when you have a new lead or new intake that comes in, and you have specific questions that you want to ask. The necessary steps for creating a matter questionnaire in Dendri are:

  1. The first step is to add a title and description to your questionnaire.

[Header Gif]

  1. On the new form, the system added a default multiple choice question for you. You can change the question type by clicking on the drop-down menu that says “Options” You can then choose to add more questions by dragging and dropping appropriate tabs from the right side tab.

[Dropdown Gif]

  1. Add a page break to separate your intake questions into sections. You can add as many pages as you’d like to a single client intake form. The “Add page” button is found on the menu that is displayed by clicking on the 'Add' button below the question.

[Page break Gif]

  1. Finally, your Matter Statuses, are the global statuses that will show up on the matter screen and can guide you through the life cycle of a case. Here are some of the progress statuses already filled out. If this was a full status, we would also then go on to hearing scheduled and other dates and important milestones.

  1. The Toolbox makes it possible to create various types of custom fields for matters and contacts which aren't already provided. The various types include:

  1. Header Text: Use this input tab to set a Title for your Matter Questionnaire

  2. Label: This field helps put more emphasis on the type of data requested

  3. Dropdown: When you have ten or more options to display to a respondent on a single question, the dropdown list is the typical way to go as a custom field.

  4. Checkbox: When you want to gather several pieces of information about something from a client, a checkbox is a good option. 

  5. Multiple Choice: These field options let a respondent check several boxes of options at a time to paint an accurate picture.

  6. Text Input: These are one-line text input fields primarily used for storing text - a foundational essence of custom fields.

  7. Number Input: This is a custom field that captures number-based or numeric information such as case or client ID numbers and more. 

  8. Multi-line Input: Multiline text fields are text entry fields perfect for storing larger amounts of text in a paragraph-like format.