How to apply a new Board Type Template

To apply a new Board Type Template

  1. Head over to Matters from the left-side menu

  2. Click the Add Matter

  3. Dendri will display a matter details screen

  1. Head over to Task Statuses and the drop-down menu will display all the board type templates you’ve created beforehand.

Note: The board type templates you’ve created remain customizable and re-arrangeable. Whether you want to rename a specific task status, add another status or re-arrange them. It’s still possible.

  1. Type a Name and a Description (optional) for your new board type

  1. Dendri will show a dialog box to define your Board Pipelines

Note: Task Statuses represent the columns on your new Kanban board type. They are customizable and re-arrangeable. Usually, Board types are created in accordance with Matter Types, which means that the task statuses will depend on how many steps it takes for that matter type to be handled.