How to create a Time Entry from a matter.

As soon as you log off a task, you can easily make an entry of time spent working on such a task, be it research, due diligence, brief writing, and the several other things you do.

To create time entry from a matter:

1. Click on Matters in the left sidebar menu to access your matters

2. From your matter Kanban board, tap the task you want to make a time entry on.

3. Click on the Clock icon on the top right-hand corner of the pop-up screen to add time.


4. Input the time spent on the task


5. Click Save

Note: If your matter happens to be synced from Clio, your time entries will be automatically synced on Clio simultaneously.

Time Entries Elsewhere

Time entries aren't limited to tasks. Your activity log also holds your time records:


Clicking on activity log will show you all of the passive activity that has occurred on your matter, like tasks being created or modified. Clicking on the clock icon will take you to your master time ledger for the matter.


All of the math is done for you, and you can change the rate and record in tenths of the hour.

Every item in Dendri can have time entries associated with it: Calendar entries, notes, images and files. You can also have matter time entries that are not associated with a history item.


The best part, you can easily export the entire table to a csv to prepare an invoice or otherwise store your time records.