How to add a new task

Cards are the heart of Dendri. Cards are used to represent tasks. And most work is tracked and updated through cards.

Creating cards is easy, for now, let’s create your first card!

To add a new card:

  1. Click on Add Card in any column of any Kanban board to create a new task.

  1. Type a Title for the task

  2. Click on Add to open the Task screen

  1. Optionally, click on the new task to set various options for the task. These include:

  1. Change the Task title, If you forgot to add a title when creating a new task

  2. Set a Start Date for the task.

  3. Set a Due Date for the task.

  4. Make the Task Private, your teammates will not be able to see your personal tasks.

  5. Connect the task with a matter status 

  6. Connect the task with a status on your assignee’s personal kanban board

  7. Specify a Primary User or Task Owner

  8. Assign the task to one or more teammates

  9. Assign an entire team to

  10. Attach files to the task

  11. Include a Description of the task

  12. Use Checklists to break down your task into achievable steps

  13. Use Comments to tag your teammates or notify them about something important

New: Add a time entry to a task from the clock icon on the top right corner of your task screen

Tip: If you tag a teammate using "@" in a comment they will also receive a notification of that comment. These can be found on your dashboard history, with the option to toggle "only unread" to filter for comments not yet addressed.

Note: You can assign a task from any Kanban board, whether that is a personal board, a matter board, or a team board. The task details screen is the same.