Thanks for joining us to get more done together, but not the same!

👋 Thanks for trying Dendri.

💭 We think about work a little differently than other productivity apps and practice management software. One of the things we care about the most is giving is individuals the freedom to organize work the way it makes sense to them.

💡 That doesn't just mean giving you a board or a list. It means letting each member of your team have their own board, with their own columns and priorities, while sharing the same tasks. It also means letting you see tasks, notes, files and calendar entries on a single timeline. Being able to tag any item with labels or comments, filter it all based on your criteria and export anything you see to a spreadsheet in case we don't offer a way to manipulate your data the way you need yet.

🗓 It means real-time two-way sync with your third party calendar for your tasks and events, and it means trying to give you as much or as little detail as you want while you organize.

🚀 It's a tall order. Dendri is used by passionate small firms and businesses who value carving out their workflows and getting more done. If you ever need to know more or figure out "how to Dendri" reach out. We are always happy to give a personal tour of any feature.