An Overview of Leads (BETA)

Manage and automate your inbound process and create matters from opened Leads

image.pngWith Dendri, you can build and automate a client acquisition process in the same way you organize work on boards. The cards you create here are different than tasks, but you can still assign them to users and they will appear on task boards alongside regular tasks!

Every organization gets a dedicated Lead Section in Dendri that is separate from any project, matter or team.

Lead cards are similar to tasks, but have a few specific functions that make them useful for intake.

When you create a lead card, you'll have the opportunity to input all of your primary contact and matter fields in a single form. In addition, you can choose the type of project or matter to surface any custom fields as well as a dedicated questionnaire to record data that's important, but may not be contained in your matter fields.

You can assign a lead to one or more users, and it will appear on their personal dashboard just like a task (very useful if an incoming client needs an appointment, or senior review), and you can take action on the lead when you're ready. By default, Dendri allows you to save the lead on the board for later use, reject the case, refer the case to another firm or company, open the case (automatically creating a matter with the recording information) or mark it as pending, if you're waiting on a contract to come back.

In addition to tracking these outcomes in your matter list, a dedicated table of "completed leads" provides a global outcome and tracking for any leads you've processed through Dendri.

A fully expanded lead card is below.

Our roadmap for q3 2022 includes expanding our email handling to allow you to forward an email directly to this (and other) board.

Using our automation engine, you can target the lead board to make sure your inbound staff automatically take the right steps at the right time. For example, you could create a workflow where when you move a lead card from column one to column two, the lead's action deadline is updated for 24 hours later and it is re-assigned to a new employee for follow up.


Leads are in beta and very much a work in progress. The ability to refer cases, send retainer agreements and more are all stretch goals on the horizon, but not ready. For now, you can preview the lead board, and work manually with the questionnaires, opening, rejecting, referring or tabling cases, and automate your follow ups. Consider lead boards for now "nice to have."

Let us know what features you'd love to see on our lead board!