How to Add or Invite Your Users or Teammates to Dendri (Video)

Inviting your teammates to Dendri helps make real-time workplace collaboration a reality.

Adding Users to your Dendri Account:

To invite your teammates to Dendri:

  1. Head over to Users & Subscription from the Settings tab


  1. Fill out the key user information displayed on the detail screen


The Role is currently useful internally and for setting super administrator / account owner permissions.

Once you have created a new user and set the password, you may let your new user use the password or, if you are a google account (or coming soon Office 365 or Clio) user, you can block use of the native password, requiring your user to login with google authentication only. This is also where you can reset the password or resend the invite to your teammate.


You can change your user's title and role from this screen as well as updating an email address.

Note: A user with a particular email address can only belong to one organization at a time on Dendri. This is an important security feature to prevent a user from accidentally accessing the wrong firm. We strongly recommend restricting your invites to email addresses tied to a domain your firm controls so that, in the event an email address is compromised you are able to lock it, not just from Dendri, but from all of your firm's resources.

If you believe your email address was incorrectly added to a different organization, or you find yourself unable to login with your credential, please reach out. As practicing lawyers ourselves, we have prioritized security over easy access. Therefore, if our system believes a login attempt may be unauthorized we may not permit the login. Our team can resolve any "false positives" quickly to get you back online.